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EC Split 18

by craig tanis / penga

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EC Split 18
by craig tanis and penga
an Electronic Cottage release

craig tanis
# come for the gunge

A mostly-modular excursion in 7 movements:

00:00 - excuse me, I was told there would be a murder
04:24 - a fundamental
06:45 - I'm coming for your gunge
12:50 - landing sequence
19:16 - spiral ham
20:58 - diet tarpits
27:09 - things which might have been

A collection of improvisations, assembled and manipulated in Reason 11 and Triumph. Signals and systems by Moog, AniModule, BASTL, Frap Tools, Intellijel, Mutable Instruments, ALM, Industrial Music Electronics, Make Noise, Teenage Engineering, Erica Synths, Unfiltered Audio, brainworx, Native Instruments, Reason Studios, and more.

Composed, performed, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by Craig Tanis, 2020.

I'm coming for your gunge.



no honor in murder

1. iPad soundscaper synth

2. The original spur for the piece. www.independent.co.uk/voices/honour-killings-murder-banaz-mahmod-itv-police-violence-british-b554263.html

3. whale sample used in soundscaper reminded me of this track and the fact whales are still hunted
Sadly the singer Trevor Grills was killed in a freak accident at a music festival

4. m.youtube.com/watch?v=AuzjeLnXlfs
I remembered Laurie Anderson singing The Whale in this (skip to 1:16:52 if you don't want watch it all) but I recommend you do, Kevin Godley's idea of a "tape chain" brings together musicians from around the world to perform an ever evolving track, and to cap it all Rupert Hine is the musical director who 10 minutes before I had just seen on Mr Ebu's radio podcast as his featured artist and I just love coincidences, makes me think I'm going the right way.

One World One Voice. penga



released October 27, 2020


all rights reserved



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