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EC Split 21
by Thomas Milovac and Massimo Magee
an Electronic Cottage release

Murals (for Maxo Vanka)
Thomas Milovac - Double Bass, Voice
Recorded in Orlando, FL 10/2020

“Murals” is a solo improvisation for double bass and voice influenced by the work of Croatian-American painter Maxo Vanka. Vanka’s striking murals at the St. Nicholas Croatian church in Millvale, Pennsylvania juxtapose elements of traditional Croatian life, religious imagery, industrialization, and the horrors of war that lingered in the minds of people after the end of the First World War. One example of this juxtaposition is a mural, at the St. Nicholas church, of a Nun ominously veiled with a gas mask over her face. “Murals” aims to explore the juxtaposition of musical ideas in a manner influenced by Vanka’s work and create a vast, sonic mural for the listener.

Welcome to the Real World
Massimo Magee - clarinet, virtual piano
Recorded at home in London 15th August 2020

I've called the piece 'Welcome to the Real World' because it progressively strips back the layers of the constructed fantasy playing environment I've made for myself during this locked down year until it gets to just the raw zoom-recorded sounds of my clarinet in the studio with the noise of cars going by and people walking past etc, before putting back on the layers of make-believe for a finale. The clarinet part is a solo improvisation, recorded in my studio in one take and with no edits but with concert hall reverb later applied to most of it, and then there are also virtual piano intro and outro parts derived from the clarinet playing and interacting with it. My clarinet's a 1953 Selmer centered tone, so I like to imagine this constructed piano-clarinet duo in a non-existent hall is more what it might have been used to during its heyday in the 50s or 60s, with a gradual waking up to the realities of a musician alone in a locked-down 2020, competing with the noises of a world outside that probably doesn't care much for it in the main.


released October 30, 2020


all rights reserved



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