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Swamp Patrol 84

by Swamp Patrol




Swamp Patrol 84 has been moved to the Cause And Effect site on Bandcamp

Swamp Patrol was a collaboration of Hal McGee and Debbie Jaffe (Viscera) with David Mattingly (of Gabble Ratchet and Bright Too Late). This tape was kind of a companion piece to the 60 Minutes Of Laughter tape from 1982, and in fact it recycles some of the material from 60 MOL and expands on many of the themes from the earlier tape. Swamp Patrol 84 was originally recorded for inclusion in an issue of Level Mail Art zine -- participants were invited to submit 100 copies of an art object -- 100 boxed issues containing the contributions of all the participants were distributed to subscribers and participants.

Side A "A.M. In The Swamp" 30:33

Chickens and Insulation
Exploring the Swamp
Big Punk Place
Swamp Massacre
The Melee
Dioramas Of Stuffed Animals
The Crystal Ship
Heeping Obscenities On Water
Lost in the Swamp
Twilight in the Swamp
Swamp Creature Ritual
Swamp Woman Lament
Titanium White
The Farewells Take Place In Silence
Intrigue & Surprise
Network Of Hidden Intention

Side B "P.M. In The Swamp" 30:16

Jesus In The Swamp
Gregorian Chant Funk #1
Mortal But With A Vision
Exile In Belgium in 1815
Her Hopeful Stupidity
Angry Mouth
Decaying Glass
The Search For Nothing
I Like Sex
Music For Dead Music
You Putting Me Down
Slapstick and Raucous
Describing Intangible Worlds
With Gravel In Little Boxes
Sojourn To Tahiti
Ektachrome Transparency
Pleasure Of The Simple Life
Structure Collapse
Soft Light On Water
Asparagus Comprehension


released July 1, 1983



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