Blind Man Shoots Wife

from by Hal McGee



The song title is derived from a real "news of the weird" event: A blind man, balancing a plate of fried chicken in one hand, and a handgun in the other, accidentally shot his wife in the head. "Blind Man Shoots Wife" was recorded on Saturday, July 22, 2006, at Hal McGee's apartment in Gainesville, Florida, USA, during a live improvisational recording session with Brandon Abell (Microwave Windows) and Andrew Chadwick (Ironing).

On this song McGee mixed Tapegerm loops into the live mix as the music was being improvised. Live mixing of Tapegerm loops in streaming internet audio has been done before, such as in the Midsummer Night's Germination event, but this might perhaps be the first instance of live in-studio improvisational mixing of Tapegerm loops as other musicians play.


from Tapegerm Collection Vol. 4, track released July 26, 2006
loops by D. Howse, Insecta Sonic, Anti-Gravity Workshop, Mental Anguish Open, Omnitechnomatrix

Microwave Windows (Brandon Abell): Fender Stratocaster guitar, Roland MC-303, tapes, effects, live mix
Ironing (Andrew Chadwick): cassette, microcassette and reel-to-reel tape manipulations
Hal McGee: tapes, live loop mixing.




Hal McGee Gainesville, Florida

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