Analog Space

by Captain Mission

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Side 1
1. Nova Libertatia
2. Tendrils
3. Jungle City
4. Assassin's nest
5. Crossed scimitars

Side 2
1. Dawn falling
2. Smoldering water
3. Southern tier
4. Brainworm

Recorded May-July 2014 on a Tascam Porta 02 Mk. II 4-track cassette recorder

Hal McGee:
Korg MS-20 Mini, Korg Monotribe, Arturia MicroBrute, and Moog Rogue analog synthesizers,
mixer feedback loop
- with Moog MF-107 FreqBox

Mastered on cassette July 3, 2014

Originally released on cassette on the the Kassette Kult Tapes label, July 2014.

Analog Space is presented here as two audio files corresponding to the original two sides of the cassette.

"Really great old-school style noise electronics--parts of it reminded me of Throbbing Gristle and early M.B." -- Tetsuya

"an analog classic" -- Ricardo D

"This is a great space music project, and the sound is as claustrophobic and evil sounding as any of his Dog As Master works, while staying away from a strict noise approach, (not to say that it's not noisy, it is) but full of the analog synth sounds you would expect. very dark music, very focused, very interesting." -- PBK

Hal McGee
4230 SW 20th Lane Apt. F
Gainesville, FL 32607


released October 24, 2014




Hal McGee Gainesville, Florida

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