Fortuitous Happenstance

by Noring/McGee

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Recorded by Brian Noring and Hal McGee March 27-April 1, 2001, Des Moines, Iowa. Experimental 4-track textural ambient tape collage with field recordings of everyday sounds, studio improvisations, minimalist keyboards, percussion, voices, turntablism, shortwave radio, primitive electronics. Originally released in 2001 on home-brewed CDR on the F.D.R. Recordings label.

Random dada collage accumulations of audio objects: tape recordings of-- shopping malls, convenience stores, flea markets, thrift and junk stores, coffee shops, restaurants, automobile and street sounds, walks in the park, cooking, cleaning, walking across the floor, muttering banalities, telephone answering machine messages; along with doodling and noodling cheap second-hand Casio and Yamaha keyboard atmospheres, banging on metal cans, microphone goofing, sound poetry, lo tech electronic noise manipulations -- all jumbled and heaped and piled and dumped together. Vertical and horizontal juxtapositional coaccidental cross-purposeful purposelessness, indeterminate as hell -- anything, everything and most definitely nothing.


released April 1, 2001




Hal McGee Gainesville, Florida

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