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Speedy Flow 15:40


HalTapes presents...

Fiver's Stereo and Hal McGee
We Both Lose
microcassette audio art collaboration
June 2015

Fiver's Stereo (Jay Peele) recorded a 30-minute microcassette consisting of various sounds and mailed it to Hal McGee. McGee also recorded a MC30. Without listening to the Fiver's tape first McGee improvised a mix of the two microcassettes.

Drawings and other artwork by Peele; cover layout collage by McGee.

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Jay Peele at Bandcamp

Hal McGee sound sources recorded entirely at my place of employment in Gainesville, Florida with a Sony M470 microcassette recorder, June 2015.

Fiver's Stereo sound sources recorded in Jacksonville and surrounding areas in northeast Florida with an Olympus Pearlcorder S701 microcassette recorder, May and June 2015:
- human voice, whistling, V. Veena (right hand only), Olin McArthur via flip phone, Aaron Abrams via flip phone, 4 toned wooden drum, Mega Mouth toy, - driving car ancient (Colin Westcott - drum set, Jay Peele - Moogs, sounds, distorted bass?, Roland D-50 looper, trumpet, turntable) - via old original CD thru car stereo
5/22 preparing for gig - bank drive thru, coughing, birds fighting over a worm in a gutter, violent hacking, wheezing
> kinetic energy powered crank flash light < (a moment)
> parking lot, patio, restaurant, bar crowd (a loud crowd)
O "Blues For Trees" excerpts via laptop
broken conversations (1 bong hit)
> "Ustess" - St. Augustine, FL "handmade steel drum street musician"
"concert for the stars" (via flip phone again) music stand on asphalt
O "without permission" unauthorized fragments w/ metal objects, trumpet, sax
Fiver's Stereo vs. Primadonna (1 fart)
12 string acoustic guitar "stare into chaos"
"hobo epic"
6 string guitar "Easier said than done"
Ebow "Amazing Grace" 12 string acoustic guitar


released June 25, 2015




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