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Connection Cassette Compilation #2

by various

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Okay, see, I’m a beatnik poet and I declaim poems accompanied by a bongo player I need a new poem for my track... on the Connection Cassette Compilation Project ...and the words that you use here in our virtual coffeehouse cafe will be the words that I use in the new poem where’s the coffee?! Okay, I’m a bongo Cassette Project player, see... beatnik poet and coffeehouse poems Connection accompanied by a declamation I need a new poem for my “virtual I” on the words and the track that you use here in our words will be the cafe Compilation in the new poem that I use I’m a beatko bongnik Deplaning koans beset by companies i need new bones and the words we use in our cursory valise will be the words i use new, and in chrome i’m a beatnik poet. fuck my life. contact? con-tract? contract. whirring noise of handshake beckoning through snail-mail e-mail- fee-mail he-says, and we agree. to. contact. we contract to contact? Close enounter of a noisy kind in this abstract space suppressing reason the treacherous brainwaves wrapping in noise the skies of consciousness barren wasteland of telephone wires, radio towers, and Slaytanic lodges, seekers seek to contact, a man breathes into a microphone, a woman screams into the depths of loathing, soaring, and endlessly freaked out, the naked dance assumes no responsibility for guerilla madness Hey wait a minute, yes, just a minute, actually not more than a minute, for the gorram poem of the gorram beatnik with a bongo player. The gorram assette of the gorram cassette in the virtual cafe in space is the place for the compilation project of the gorram coffeehouse. Go declaim the words of the new poem on tape!


Connection Cassette Compilation #2 was originally released in May 2012. The original version of this compilation (still available) was issued on cassette. All contributors received a copy of the compilation on the same cassette on which they sent their contribution.

As much as possible, this cassette compilation project has been done in the original spirit of the 1980s cassette art scene.

The audio versions here were taken directly from the original contributor tapes and are higher sound quality than on the cassette copies that were issued, because there is not two generation loss in sound from contributor copy to cassette master to distributed copy. Be sure to download the full size album artwork and print your own cover. The cover artwork layout is a collage of bits and pieces and scraps from the contributor packages and letters.

Side A of the C90 cassette, tracks 1-11
Side B, tracks 12-23


On March 26, 2012 I made this announcement:

Connection Cassette Compilation Project - 2012
an international compilation project produced by Hal McGee

Any and all styles are welcome! Anyone and everyone anywhere and everywhere welcome to participate!

Your audio cassette track must be 5 minutes maximum, minimum 1 minute
Send one track on a 90 minute cassette (C95 maximum)
- must come inside a hard shell cassette case
- High Bias or Normal Bias - no METAL cassette
- do not use Noise Reduction (Dolby, DBX, etc.)
Your 90 minute tape will be used to dub your free contributor's copy of the compilation volume which contains your track.

mail your cassette to:

Hal McGee
4230 SW 20th Lane
Apt. F
Gainesville, FL 32607

In your package
include a piece of paper that states
Artist name
Track name
email address in case I need to contact you for a question or problem
--- also, please clearly print your postal address so that I can send your copy of the compilation to you!

Project deadline will be September 1, 2012

Your track should be exclusive and appear only on this project.

I will release a 90 minute compilation volume every time I receive enough tracks to fill up a 90 minute tape!
Copies will be dubbed in real time on high quality Tascam cassette decks.
Cassette covers will be color photocopy.

Each individual person may contribute to the project twice during the course of the project, under different project names. Each contribution must be on a separate cassette. Each individual may appear only once on any compilation volume.

Questions, comments or problems - send an email to haltapes at gmail dot com


released June 8, 2012




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