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Marble Black 07:11


From Electronic Cottage Magazine, Issue Six:
Hal's Trip to Miami

On Friday, April 19th of this year (1991) I took a greyhound bus to the Miami, Florida area to visit and hang out with some of the indie electronic musicians of the region. I stayed with James Garcia, better known as Dimthingshine, at his home in Miramar. Friday evenings activities started off with a dinner party at the Beirut Lebanese restaurant. Present were King Felix . Ed Bobb (former member of the Happiness Boys), Isaac Ersoff (an artist you'll be hearing a lot more of in the future, with numerous whacked-out avant garde solo works, plus his bass playing in the group Scraping Teeth with DTS on drums and Rat Bastard on guitar) and his lovely and talented wife Resa, James and myself. Over cups of Turkish coffee, glasses of ouzo and wine , plus an array of tasty foods such as stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanoush, hummus and falafel--there was even a belly dancer for our entertainment!--we discussed electronic music , our favorite artists, issues of indie music culture and our favorite mind-altering substances. Later came a recording session at ESYNC Studio that lasted till the wee hours of the morning. Saturday morning I interviewed Dimthingshine for an upcoming issue of EC. On Saturday afternoon there was another get together and recording session at Frank P.'s house (Frank runs the Antebellum label and records as Anemic Cinema) with me, James, Isaac and Frank. Later that night , after dinner at an excellent Indian restaurant, James and I recorded a few pieces in his Thingsflux studio. I had a great time and can't wait to go back!

Side A
1. Rock and Scrape
HM: banjo IE: bass DTS: guitar EB: CD, Roland sampler KF: kalimba, Korg MS-20
2. Thrash and Roll
HM: Korg MS-20 DTS: guitar IE: voice EB: CD, sampler KF: bass
3. Lebanese Belly
HM: guitar DTS: sampler EB: CD IE: bass KF: kalimba

Side B
1. Phinney's Mustache
HM: Yamaha PSR 48, FX DTS: Casio SK-1, MXR Drum Computer, FX
IE: Electric Bass, FX FP: Yamaha PSR 48, FX
2. Marble Black
HM: Yamaha PSR 48, FX DTS: voice, FX
IE: Korg Poly 800 FP: Casio SK-1, voice, FX
3. Dead Murderers Kill
DTS: violin, organ HM: microcassette*, pan, voice
4. Self-Doubts, Amazement
DTS & HM: violin, banjo, hands

- Tracks A1-3 late April 19, 1991 into the early morning hours of April 20, at Rat Bastard's ESYNC Studio, Miami Florida
- B1-2 afternoon April 20 at Frank P.'s house, Pembroke Pines, Florida
- B2-3 evening April 20 at Dimthingshine's house, Miramar, Florida

*my first use of microcassette courtesy of DTS!


released April 11, 2013




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