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Atlanticists 31:05
Contextrophe 31:01


"Doubled" is a microcassette duo collaboration by Richard Sanderson (London) and Hal McGee (Gainesville). Sanderson and McGee each recorded 62 minutes of various instrumental sounds and sounds from daily life. Then, without listening to Sanderson's tape first, McGee improvised two collage mixes that are loaded with all manner of happy accidents, collisions, juxtapositions, and extended moments that seem like they were planned that way in advance.


released November 18, 2012

Richard Sanderson Sound Sources and Objects

Richard Sanderson's sound sources-
Field recordings- South East London trains, Waterloo Station, Fairground at Blackheath, Greenwich Observatory, Jude Cowan Montague's garden (at half speed), Fireworks on Guy Fawke's Night.
Readings from - Junkmail from a Broadband supplier, My record collection, "Moby Dick"
Olympus Pearlcorder 5700 microcassette recorder with prerecorded noise
Sony VOR M-727V microcassette recorder with pre-recorded noise
(both machines were used to record the sounds on here)
Washing the Dishes
Whistling Kettle,
Tenor Ukelele
Plastic Flute,
A plastic box of button badges
My voice
Chromatic Harmonica
Tin Whistle
Fisher Price Toy Record Player
Casiotone MT110
Breadmaking Machine and Computer recorded with telephone microphone
Google Synth
Whistling whilst running
Radio (recorded with excessive use of pause button)
Dismantled drum kit
Tenor Guitar
Westclox "Big Ben" Repeater Alarm Clock
My children - Jack and May Sanderson
Korg Portable Synthesizer (played by Jude Cowan Montague)


I welcomed the invitation from Hal McGee to collaborate with microcassettes. For many years I'd been using them in my live improvisations (usually playing back recordings made on the way to gigs) but in my rush to embrace the high quality of recordings made possible with computers, I'd rather neglected the instant, fun, quality of the hand-held device. This came back to me after I watched a performance of Hal making an extraordinary racket with two dictaphones on YouTube.

The other aspect that appealed to me was the chance to record the mundane, and the instant inspiration. As a young teenager I'd once tried to record on cassette the atmosphere of various rooms in parent's house (including a not particularly successful attempt to record the cupboard under the stairs!) and this project allowed me the chance to instantly record a sound that appealed to me, without having to go through the rigmarole of selecting a good mic, setting up the stand, setting recording levels, tuning up, making test recordings etc etc. So if I wanted to record a plastic flute in the acoustics of the bathroom I did - instantly. Of course the sound is tinny, painfully so at times and an hour may be a lot to ask of a listener, but I hope it's varied enough to keep your interest. I can't wait to hear what Hal has come up with.

One final technical note - although the recordings are generally in chronological order, I have dropped in some sounds later over sequences I thought a little too long.

-Richard Sanderson November 2012

Hal McGee Sound Sources and Objects
-- recorded with a Sony M-470 microcassette recorder

humbucker magnetic pickup and contact mic
feedback modulation
garbage can lid
cell phone ringing
cigar box diddley bow
unplugged electric guitar
ordering chicken sandwiches and fries
emergency vehicle sirens & horns
automatic teller machine
grocery store checkout
encounter with neighbor while walking dog
bird chirping
motor vehicle sounds
toy & hobby shop
Hohner Pocket Pal harmonica
Hohner tremolo harmonica
dog barking
Hohner mini keychain harmonica
Kohala baritone ukulele
garden talk
Army ROTC personnel chanting and running
Monotron synth
Mark McGee: contact mic and washboard




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