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The Exploitation of Jiblit Dupree

by Jiblit Dupree with Canned Ham

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The Exploitation of Jiblit Dupree is a comedic concept album produced and recorded by Hal McGee, consisting of Jiblit's voicemails, audio ripped from videos, and a telephone conversation, mixed together with improvisations by Canned Ham, all recorded in inglorious lo-fi filth on microcassette. The album features original stories, songs, poems, and routines created by Jiblit Dupree -- a veritable surfeit of tongue-in-cheek redneck humor addressing subjects ranging from cornbred misogyny to drug abuse to Jiblit's alternative careers as NASCAR and drag racing drivers and as a porno actor, sex with UFO aliens, depression, alcoholism, murder, death, fried chicken, love/hate passive-aggressive musings on Hal McGee's exploitation of Jiblit, and much much more. Excess is the operative word here.
in their review of "The Exploitation of Jiblit Dupree" the New York Times said that "this album reveals the rotten worm-infested underbelly of post-capitalist America, and Jiblit Dupree is the redneck Salvador Dalí, every bit as feverishly obsessive".


Jiblit's messages contain references to these notable persons, places, events n stuff: Jay Peele, New World Brewery, Chickenhead, Pablo Escobar, Ybor City, New York City, Portland Oregon, Crosby Stills & Nash, George Bush (either/both), idiots in the Internet World, a duck and a bartender, a pastor accused of sex allegations, Polk City, Jamison Williams, love bugs, Billy Joe Bob McGee, the Voicemail Lady at Verizon Wireless, Old Dickjammer, The Fluffer, Tampa, Ronny Elliott, The Castle, goth girls, Jack Kerouac, (sing-along with) Can, Rajun Cajun, Rat Bastard (Laundry Room Squelchers), Uncle Lou's, Jimi Hendrix, Orlando, Guided By Voices, (Leftoverture by) Kansas, Jane Jane Pollock, DeLuna Fest, The Second Coming, Jiblit's brother Buford, multiple uvulas, Mason jars, shotgun, pickup truck, Maker's Mark, Noise Celebrity Golf Tournament, Disney World, snow white Canadian belly, Mama says Jiblit better go pick that cotton


released October 12, 2012

Jiblit Dupree (Danny McGuire)
original stories, songs, poems, and routines

Canned Ham
A.J. Herring
-- banjo, voice, percussion, coins
Mark McGee
-- bongos, finger shots, triangle, rainstick, gong, kalimba, vibratone, quica, jamblock, vibraslap, world's greatest cymbal, jinglestick, rhythm crasher, caxixi, shekere, service bell, snare drum, voice
Hal McGee
-- kazoo, melodica, vuvuzela, voice, diddley bow, can-jo, synths, guitar, percussions, theremin




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