Aterrizaje Magnético

by Rafael González

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HalTapes presents...
Rafael González
Aterrizaje Magnético

broken electroacoustic noise music
created on a 4-track cassette recorder, mastered on cassette

Rafael González released his first cassette of experimental electronic music in 1986, at the age of 16 (Exenple by Brigada Nadie, a duo with his 13-year-old brother). He was a member of the futurist multidisciplinary group Equipo Estético Étika Makinal (or 3EM), and Spanish experimental noise band I.Q.C.M. Rafael is a prolific audio artist with numerous collaborative works as well as his solo recordings. He is also a collage and décollage artist (his visual and audio works bear many striking similarities!), and is head of the art department at Tape Safe.

Recorded August-September 2014
on a Tascam Porta One
4-track cassette recorder

cassettes, microcassettes
vinyl (cassette player, turntable)
Alesis Microverb 4
Korg Monotron
Korg Monotron Delay
Korg Monotribe
overdrive Distortion Behringer OD100
Marshall The Jackhammer JH-1

Contact: rafaglezzz at gmail dot com

Aterrizaje Magnético
was originally released on cassette
on the Kassette Kult Tapes label,
K7KT 008, Summer 2014


released November 2, 2014




Hal McGee Gainesville, Florida

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