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Hal McGee's Microcassette Variety Hour (2012)

by Hal McGee

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BEATNIK BONGO POEM FOR ACTION RESEARCH it is the 5th Anniversary Show of Action Research June 9th, 2012 I will declaim a poem accompanied by a bongo player Celebrate Action Research -- research your action -- act on your research -- Need a pet sitter? Next time, think about others... before you do something wild like this Visualize biological macromolecules. Send "I am alive" ping to Canonical. Wan. Wan. Wan. Wan. Wan. Clutter-based desktop launcher unbundling and bundling on the fly. Concurrent net disco myth binding. Sun unit base library. Cute cleaner... ...and gutsy learning event. Feisty wallpapers. Minimal core of mono icon theme. Trivial bundled libraries. Cairo couch Quetzal coriander cream camaraderie. Is that a part of the poem? A taste of adult sorrow felt. Untitled Andrew: you really don't like using untitled? Hal: not really i think it's better to come up with a name that seems substantial, that actually "seems" to say something... Soft, friendly adjectives. From complacent ignorance to action research. Been Jammin' Sensitive Protrusion Real eyes maple survival bracelets. let's use "action research team" as a basis, for now... This business of action and research may sound complicated, but in practice it is very natural. Prolific specimen Documented guidelines for one-handed action research keep clicking the button no! do not click the button Action research is the reason why i killed my parents over an xbox. Do I look like I wanna put holes in it? Team of action upon the research rostrum. Do you want to cause trouble in Florida in the future? Now THAT is what I'm talking about! I realized much later... that the acronym would be "art"... which made me groan a little inside It's been a difficult week for all of us if you keep "the" in front of it it's "tart" Action research is the reason i was shunned in my community. the action research committee of DOOOOOOOOOOOM A seasoning of reasoning. The search. RE: Search. Who could ever doubt action? There is now tea in team! i'm just mincing it examining it... pizza... and nachos... and wet guys... and 433 Dada is the only thing that is keeping me awake. Action Research is sometimes referred to as an STD. the southern action research league of extraordinary gentlecreatures of the wilderness living in peace and harmony really flows off the tongue acronym friendly speaking of tongues... Discouraging. Hal: no, i was just being "dudely" Andrew: i'm just making words happen Hal: like... ya know... dudely Thanks! I hope to have full co... There is no plan. dude, look, Action Research is good because it's not too definite, but ripe with possible meanings. Can we leave yet? me: and why lenny is wearing a labcoat exactly! Bongos for sale! Best Bongos 4 U! Click here. 5,000,000,000,000,000 BC This poem is damaging my property and destroying capital If you care about language... you shouldn't make any sense together Delirium, puckered immoral, disordered that is your re your search your you your act your ion your on your no ... pause ... you no? ... pause ... on search on act on you ... pause ... you no? Show us on this doll where Dada touched you. If you've got something worth saying, then just say it, say it, say it again. I can't hear you, because I'm not listening. bumpity bump bump bump Bumper Cars. Bump! Bumpers bumbping humpty dumpty Dachshund Action Research and Education: "What a pair!" My testicles, "what a pair!" I'm testing staying out of this Did you know a fact about MUNG BEANS? strange... that I had actually hoped... that the comments would be relevant... to Action Research... and its history... and its accomplishments... and its shows Unclear stipulations.
Sizzle 00:14
"Silence" 00:10
Oh Ohh Ohhh 00:17
Skin Blanket 00:34
Whoahhh 00:03


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Hal McGee's Microcassette Variety Hour is a 60 minute tape recorded from June 9 through July 5, 2012. A Beatnik bongo poem live performance, Monotron improvisations, a circuit bent Casio SK-1 jam, canjo and diddley bow instrumentals, sounds from my daily life, all in their mundane lo-fi glory. The track titles describe what you will hear! The original hour-long tape has been divided into 35 separate tracks. The volume levels of some of the instrumental tracks have been boosted a bit. Also included here are straight transcriptions of the two 30 minute sides of tape.


released July 5, 2012


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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